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It's the amount that matters
Why? Why?! Every time I end up pulling an all-nighter no matter how long I plan in advance! I am captain Procrastinator, true, but this is still way overboard and tiring to have this happen every time...

Still, the good news is that if I am not mistaken it just passed midnight where :iconmetalforever: lives!

Happy birthday, Metal!

Last year I drew Ember but thanks to some suggestions from friends and such I realized that everyone will be drawing Ember, like every year, so I wanted to go a bit more unique. Enter Natasha! Metal's far less often shown snakegirl (naga) OC!

I find myself drawn towards her myself if I am to be honest. I guess it's just her over all uniqueness...and that hair. I love it! He should do more with her or let me in on the action, damn it!

Continuing Metal's traditions of drawing her backside it was very educational using his masterful behind shots in his older drawings:………

(Yes, one of them is not a behind shot but still!).

I particularly was impressed by the fat anatomy of the last one but I really liked the face and such in the middle one so I tried to make a combo of sorts!

And what better way to top it off but a failed attempt at dieting? Natasha, if you drink twice as much of the diet soda it is even more guaranteed it will have the opposite effect! usual I hope you guys like it! Happy birthday Metal!

OH, and one last bonus: I did the original nude but felt like I should censor it for you pansies out there! Here is the proper uncensored version (similar to Metal's piece, of course):
85cm hips no more!
Well, here we are! TPW's first proper attempt at exaggerated anatomy on purpose! Not the best of works but I feel happy about it...mostly!

You see, for the longest time have people tried to get me to try just throwing anatomy out the window once in a while and just draw exaggerated fatness for the nice effect of it. Unfortunately I've always been bad at it. I already struggle with the rules of real life anatomy but I somehow manage to find it even harder to do exaggerated go-crazy proportions right...

However, thanks to the constant pushing from :iconsuperanonymous13: I finally tried my best to let go and try to draw a some-level of mega butt! This here is a commission for Superanon of the lovely Homura from the great Senran Kagura series. I really like Homura myself and I liked the challenge of pushing at least a bit further on...
This means that I spent way too much time on this for what the end result is! After so many prototypes I think I finally have something I sorta find close to what I had in mind...heh

After all, I just had to combine her unusual use of 6 swords and the amount of phalli sushi rolls eaten in the series! I am so clever...


I would now like to go into another point so this might be a long artist comment. You see, I am not as good at drawing big butts as I wish I was but I have seen how to do it properly. :icontrinity-fate: is definitely the go-to-guy for exaggerated massive asses and this piece is definitely influenced by his superior drawings! His mastery of all things is inspiring to me.

It is definitely an interesting timing that minutes before I was about to write this description I noticed that Trinity had posted a journal that I can heavily relate to (…). Not only did we share a commissioner but we were having similar thoughts on our lot as artists. It is interesting to consider that I was going to post this piece an few hours ago and was still going to mention Trinity and his mastery but now I feel the need to use this piece also as a tribute to him and let him know he's not alone.
We have not talked much due to his dislike of messaging and the futility of chatting through notes but I hope he knows that my heart goes out to him and he will continue to inspire me and other artists no matter what he decides on doing.


Anyway, sorry for the wall of text. Just felt like saying something. I do hope all of you, superanon and Trinity in particular, enjoy this special piece where I tried to go just a bit more adventurous. If this piece is successful then I will definitely continue to experiment with such exaggeration in the future. Thank you all!
Starfire+Mustard part 3

Finally it's here! The third and final part I promised a while ago....sorry it took so long. I was busy with making birthday gifts! haha

I want to once again thank :iconryan1234175: for commissioning me this first sequence of mine in like forever! It was tough work and I am not completely satisfied with the results but it was a good challenge!

Hopefully the final part does not disappoint even if Starfire herself may not be mega huge. Seeing how I suck at mega huge I decided to go the second best thing; Two for the price of one!
Seems that Starfire is up the challange of beating her sister blackfire in an eating contest! Even Blackfire is surprised!

While once again this was a difficult piece to do then I hope it makes up for it in the amount of fats! haha

Thanks once again, Ryan and I hope you and everyone else enjoyed this little sequence of mine!

Here are the earlier parts and an earlier rendition of Blackfire which hopefully fits the theme:

Some of you may even noticed I tried to change the colors around in the old ones for consistency. Hopefully that worked out ok...
Overeating and hiccups
Well, here is an slightly unusual piece from me....

What makes it unusual? Well, it is a bday gift for someone but it was also partially motivated by self interest. I'm a terrible person that way.

This here is a gift for :iconcurtisfa: who has continued to support my endeavors in commissions and such nonsense. Where is the self-interest? Well, I decided to draw one of my fave girls; Kusunoki Kasuga from The World God Only Knows, even if I am not even sure just how much Curtis likes her himself. hehe

Still, who can say no to the cuteness that is Kusunoki, eh?

Seems like she has overate, and quickly at that, and consequently gotten hiccups! She really needs to slow down when she's not an competition!

Anyway, I hope you guys like this as much as I liked drawing this! It's always fun to draw characters I love but it's even better when doing it as a gift!
Happy birthday Curtis!

(Also, it's my first time trying out transparent backgrounds. It means the file is an .PNG instead of the usual .jpg. If that is somehow a problem then let me know.)
Blown up Bubblegum
So aboot that :iconpewbutt:'s birthday, eh?

This here is my silly gift for them. Last I knew Pew was way into that weirdness that is Adventure time so I decided the most natural thing to do would be to draw a blown up (princess) Bubblegum! hahaha
After some thinking I decided to just go with an original anime look design instead of trying to mimic the show's look. It's harder than it looks!

It isn't anything special and it definitely suffered from this curse where every time I have an time limit for a piece, everything imaginable happens to keep me busy and I end up rushing the last day before the due date...
It's some kind of curse, I'm telling you!

I also struggled quite a bit with the coloring/shading. Having two monitors and an ipod to view the piece on; it looked off in at least one of them no matter what I did! Shaded this and that way, I changed the brightness/contrast, and I messed around with the luminosity. Every time it didn't look any good. Well, I guess that it means this final version will look half-decent on at least 3 types of screens. heh

Anyway. Pew...happy birthday! And remember that you are one of my heroes. I may jest a lot and I may be an insufferable prick but I am serious when I say I am glad we are friends!

And I also hope the rest you guys also enjoy this piece! Plenty of delicious bubblegum, eh?!
Hey there, lads.

I usually don't do journals of this kind but I feel like I must make an exception.

Some of you (hopefully many of you) are probably as hyped as I am over the release of Witcher 3! It's funny but I pre-ordered it months ago but didn't really feel any excitement until like last Friday when I realized only a few days remained until release! I usually avoid watching trailers and gameplay videos because I don't want to be hyped...being too excited usually ends up with major disappointment...especially in these days.

But this time I couldn't help myself and made the mistake of watching trailers; gameplay and everything. Truly, if everything they set themselves out to do comes true we are probably looking at one of the greatest RPGs in many years.
Of course, having been a fan of the series since the first game I am expecting the unavoidable bugs and such but CD Projekt Red has always made the best of efforts to release patches that transform the game into something even greater!

So yes, I am being pretty excited but cautious as usual. I just want to hear if anyone else is feeling hopeful about Badass Geralt's return? I know many people entered the franchise with Witcher 2 as the first game was criticized for many things but I still consider The Witcher (2007) to be one of my most fond RPG memories...even after having had to wade through a horde of bugs before they patched it proper.

I am also super curious if I have any Polish watcher who can tell me the validity of the claim I once heard that the Witcher was the Polish equivalent of Batman. In popularity and the status as an example of badassness?

I've even considered giving the books and media outside of the game a look just for the fun of it. Any recommendations?

Anyway, here's to the adventures that await us! Cheers!

Oh, and I have something special coming up art wise. Get hyped for that too! Muhahahahaha

Well, it seems like most of you want to see a comic and it's impressive how many are willing to donate. Now, time to vote for the series (not room for all though)! Note that this is not the final say. Just want to see what people want the most. 

77 deviants said New original series
62 deviants said Rosario+vampire
57 deviants said K-On
29 deviants said Ranma 1/2
29 deviants said The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
24 deviants said Monster musume no Iru Nichijou
22 deviants said Senran Kagura
22 deviants said Lindt and Tori
18 deviants said The World God Only Knows
8 deviants said Binbougami ga


Yo, Oomploompa!
Sat Jan 24, 2015, 3:31 AM
Sun Jan 19, 2014, 4:18 PM
Yeah, I am. I'm glad to hear people are actually worried but I've just not been feeling like doing stuff recently. Hopefully I will have something uploaded soon though.
Mon May 20, 2013, 5:05 PM
hey bud, you still around?
Sat May 11, 2013, 9:17 AM
Do your version of Shizuka Marikawa from Highschool of the Dead.Hopefully like a BBW or something... maybe...
Fri Mar 29, 2013, 8:53 PM
Ach! But lord archduke shouldn't feel bad about his post! I, too, am very tired! Been having a hard time returning to art! Busy days! You've done Pervia a great service many times, sir! Never forget that!
Fri Mar 15, 2013, 5:50 PM
The Archduke is... tired. And supremely disappointed his copy of Fire Emblem Awakening isn't coming in until Friday. The Archduke is sad. And feels like a jerk. The Archduke apologizes for his post.
Wed Feb 6, 2013, 3:34 PM
Well, since Persia was pretty badass then either way is good! haha
Wed Feb 6, 2013, 1:47 PM
Is "Pervia" pronounced like "Persia" or like "perv-ee-a"? I mean, there is only a letter difference.
Tue Feb 5, 2013, 9:03 PM
Return of the king after a busy time! To RandomStan8-kun, then I am feeling good now that I have some free-time! To Zinspider, Excellent that you are abusing your power already! Nice play! And to theMonkeydude5, good work soldier!
Mon Jan 28, 2013, 1:12 AM


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