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*Dramatic Music*

Hi guys! Long time no see! It's been a month since my birthday and I still haven't done what I had planned to do with my bday pics! Shameful display! Sorry about that!
These have just been really busy weeks recently. However, I am finally ready! I have mastered the art of being on my own...sorta maybe! Or, well, at least I am used to it!
I have also finally finished all the birthday gifts I've had to do for now! Too many people having unprotected sex 9 months before July, August and September or something!
I am finally basically free to return! I think!

I have many stories to tell but that's for another day! Now I will finally give a shout-out to those who spent time on making something for my birthday this year!

Cake Lust by ShinDirafeh

Drinking's bad oniwaifu mmkay by KipTeiTei

Haganai: I don't get any exerciseGlorious and dazzling, the sun shone down from a cloudless sky, a beautiful day for countless young people to make precious memories with their friends.
In contrast, inside the school building, the friendless loners of the “Neighbour’s Club” sat in silence. The arrogant beauty with long raven black hair, Yozora, sat at the table intently reading a complex novel. A delightful scent of fresh tea filled the room, as the incredibly androgynous maid, Yukimura, prepared drinks for the rest of the club. Rikka, the perverted scientist girl, was apparently working hard on some new disastrous project in her lab. Kodaka, the sole male member with dirty blonde hair, had left moments earlier to chase down the two bickering children that also enjoyed using the room, Kobato and Maria. It was almost a perfectly peaceful day to read and relax, but Yozora’s purple eyes couldn’t help but stray over to the television in the room. There, her hated rival sat knelt on the floor

A Sincere Happy BirthdayTo :iconThePervertWithin: who's art I've been following for YEARS. This is the man who made me realize I was an FA.
When I saw his stuff for the first time, my young high school body couldn't handle it.
TPW, thank you for making me realize who I was. A fellow pervert.
I salute you sir. May you keep on doing what you do. I'll never stop appreciating it.

[GIFT] Micro Obese Lindt Kirsa by Metalforever

it's SOMEONE'S BIRTHDAY by pew-pew-pow

But It Was A Compliment by themonkeydude5

You guys are truly gods among men! I literally did shed tears of happiness that day! You guys have no idea how touched I was by all your kind words and all your efforts! Even those who just said "happy birthday" are the best!

I don't deserve all of this! Especially considering how long it took for me to make a journal about this! Sorry! You guys deserved better!
Please, oh, please do check all of those out and give them the credit they deserve!

But now I will leave you with my promise of trying to restart the weekly piece project and get back into the game! It might be easier said than done but I think I've finally got things sorted!

See you soon!


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Rena-Muffin Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for the fave!! Please remember to check out Ravn7's stuff too, the lineart was provided by that most excellent artist and I want them to get all the credit they can get. 
shikamaruluffy Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
ég elska þig thepervertwithin!
Lyratelle Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
Vyctorian Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014   General Artist
Happy birthday!~
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Happy birthday!
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