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Xmas Day Ten- Yoghurt
And here we the last of days...
It's almost sad to have finally finished this project. I certainly will need to take a bit of a break now. Finally actually relax for a few days. However, as I said then the plan is to finish these pieces over the year so no worries about that.

Today's clue was 'The one and only Eastern Joe.' Some of you probably figured it out pretty fast but it refers to :iconjeetdoh: who has sometimes called himself Joe. :iconbelt-buster: also noted that if you remove a few letters and rearrange it, Jeetdoh = Joe.
And since he lives in Thailand then it seemed as fitting as any to use that clue. I do hope you guys enjoyed the clue game...I am sad that I just don't have it in me to draw more even if there are people who deserve it. We'll see if I can do something extra but this was mostly meant to be for people I chat with semi-regularly on skype and such and have supported me through the year.

Jeet is a newcomer of sorts in my circles so I decided to start the year with a piece dedicated to him! He's a super great dude too so he definitely deserves it.

I must admit that this piece was also one of the first to be prepared as I had drawn the sketch a long time ago but was saving it up for something special...this seemed as a perfect timing as anyway!

Anyway, thanks for the interest in my little Holiday project! I hope everyone had a great holiday and once again wish everyone a happy new year!

And once again...great many thanks to all my friends, new and old! I hope 2016 will be our greatest year yet!

Oh, and can't forget! The last piece in the coloring book! I might upload them together or something...hmmm...
Xmas Day Nine- Grace
Hey everyone. It's day nine already, huh?
Well, I must get it out of the way straight away that I am not entirely happy with this piece. I just couldn't work it out as I'd like because you know, it's time for the new year so I've been spending time with my family. This day's recipient deserves better which is why I promise I'll try to do my best to improve upon it when I finally finish this piece off later on!

'He wants to be hip but he's simply...' is but a simple rhyme about who else but :iconkipteitei:? hahaha


Now, sit right down and let me tell you a story before the new year:

A long time ago (READ: few years ago) there was this warlord (READ: WG Artist) who had made a name for himself with time and effort and had managed to make himself a small kingdom (READ: watcher community). They called him 'the pervert within' due to his

Once, when this warlord was wandering the lands in search for treasure (READ: Things to fave) he stumbled upon a great piece of art which had been made by a humble warrior-smith (READ: Normal artist). The warrior-smith was very pleased the warlord had shown such interest in his work and eventually the warlord and warrior-smith became comrades and fought against a hostile world together.

Soon, however, the warlord realized that the warrior-smith had great potential. He already possessed great skills and despite his little experience in warfare on a grand scale (READ: Fetish art) he was a much faster learner than the warlord was and soon became far greater than the humble warlord. He established his own great kingdom and became a great master of warfare on a grand scale!

The humble warlord kept to his small kingdom, fiercely trying to protect what he had built but would sometimes meet and work with his old friend like in the old days. Those moments became more rare as time went by yet the bond remained strong!

Now, they say that to this day the warlord tries to strengthen his kingdom and hone his skill that some day he and the warrior-smith turned warlord may fight as one once again!


Well, anyway! I hope you guys like this attempt at Grace from Kip's 'breakfast' series. I think Grace might be my fave from that series....don't get me wrong, I still love our main girl in the story and all that but there is something about mean girls who fatten up other girls but then get karma in their face (or on their bodies for that matter!) that I simply love...hahaha

I guess I just believe in a perverted sense of justice! lol

Now, I wish all of you a happy new year and many thanks for the one that is ending! I hope you have a good time celebrating the arrival of the new year! And please, do look forwards to the final drawing tomorrow, guys!

And as usual: A link to the ink:
Xmas Day Eight- Erza Scarlet
Whew...this one was surprisingly troublesome. I don't know if was because I went unprepared into it or if it was because I did a super crappy background (it will look better shaded, I promise!) or if I was just plain tired but I just don't feel like I went all-out on it.

Still, I really really tried my best all things considered!

This day's clue was pretty short "The Kid." In this case I was referring to :iconcurtisfa: who has supplied me with support in many forms, including commissions, for a while now. He is youthful both in age and community experience which is why I admit to finding it fitting to give him the nickname 'the kid'...sorry about that! lol
I decided to pick one of the commission he had in mind to give away as a free gift. I hope that was ok and you didn't have anything too specific in mind for her!

The piece features Erza Scarlet from the Fairy Tail series. Considering she's actually 19 (yay for an not-underage character once in a while, damn it!) I decided to go a bit more risque with this one! Just couldn't resist!

I hope I got everything right though! Especially considering I don't know the

Anyway, once again I wish you happy holidays! New year soon and I'm almost finished with this project! Things are looking good! I hope you guys enjoyed this piece and as always please look forwards to the drawing tomorrow!

And as usual, a link to the ink only:
Xmas Day Seven- Kaja
And here we go, day nr. 7! I am pretty proud of myself being able to keep this up. I must admit that while I am having more fun with these drawings than I have had in quite some time then I will be relieved when I finish this project and can finally relax for a few days.

Today's clue was 'There will be a lot of busting this Christmas!'. You know, with all the holiday feasting I imagine there will be some belt-busting! Eh? EH?
...Not really clever at all but if you hadn't guessed it then it refers to :iconbelt-buster:, my fellow 'nord'. hehe

Now, while we've not chatted too much since I've been having a pretty busy year (and a fairly bad one at then I think that Belt is a cool ol' bean indeed! They are certainly ambitious as you can see from their highly detailed pieces. Most impressive, I say.
Heck, I think they might be even more of a fatty perv then I am! And going by name you can bet on that being a compliment! hahaha
If I had to sum up Belt in short it would be that Belt is basically the oxymoron of 'who's naughty and nice'. ;)

(Sorry if that's not an oxymoron! I am a pretty big moron after all! lol)

Anyway, I decided to draw their OC Kaja for this day. I like Kaja, I mean who wouldn't want a hot fox girl obsessing over you and even gaining for you? Seems a like a dream, no? Oh, and don't think I didn't notice the Love Hina reference in the comic either! Nice touch!

As usual then I hope everyone enjoys this piece and wish everyone happy holidays! Please look forwards to the piece tomorrow!

And here's the link to the ink only:
Xmas Day Six- Wally
I can't believe it's day six already. Whew...this is one tough challenge I've set myself up with but at least it's almost done!

The clue today was 'The sound of blasters.' which I felt was pretty obvious with all the Star Wars hype surrounding the movie. This day is dedicated to :iconpewbutt: which through the ages has been called many things but one of the more consistent things is "pew" which stereo-typically is the sound blaster (guns) make! As simple as that!

Now, while Pew and I have not talked much for a while then I still consider them an inspiring friend who helps keep me motivated. Sure, they forgot to give me a birthday gift (grr...I'm petty like that!) but by the gods I appreciate them.
Which is why this piece features Wally the walrus girl which is Pew's OC. I always liked Wally a lot...I mean, I can relate to being sensitive to heat. When you life in a cold place even warmth is quick to become too hot. Speaking of which, my secret lair where I draw things got super hot while I was making this piece. I think it helped me draw this, knowing how horrid it is to feel too hot!

So I hope I did Wally justice even if I went with the simpler outfit this time, Pew!

Anyway, hopefully everyone has had nice holidays so far! Not dying of heat like me and Wally anyway! I better go outside for some cold air! Merry Christmas to everyone once again and please look forwards to my drawing tomorrow!

And here is a link to the ink only for the 'coloring book' project!
Well, well, well...

It's been a while, yeah? I have been having big problems IRL which have kept me away. However, it is Christmas time soon and I do love the support I get from my friends here in the community!
So, as an apology for being so much away, I am doing 10 days of Christmas gifts!!

I have spent most of December working on sketches and such for 10 people I really appreciate being able to call my friends!

Unfortunately I have run out of time by now so they won't be colored/shaded. However, I'd like to think of it as an separate part of this gift! This way, the receivers of the gifts and those who are interested can maybe color them themselves! Like a big TPW coloring book! haha

I know, I know...I am super lame! However, I will be trying to actually finishing those pieces in 2016! I just don't have the time to color them right now!

Anyway, here is a list of these events! A drawing a day! Don't you miss it! I have purposely not left names but clues! Hopefully everyone can figure out who they are! ;)


23 December - Guessing numbers.
24 December - Always the menace but quite the pen.
25 December - ... and pepper can make a meal even better!
26 December - A heart of gold is always appreciated!
27 December - Beneath the mask.
28 December - The sound of blasters.
29 December - There will be a lot of busting this Christmas!
30 December - "The Kid."
31 December - He wants to be hip but he's simply...
1 January - The one and only Eastern Joe.


Sorry for being so extra goofy this Christmas but I hope you guys will enjoy this! I will be posting the first drawing this evening! Please look forwards to it!

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